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Burlap Hats:

Our burlap hats are made with a fine fiber with a high resistance to different climates and we apply the resins for the finishing material to become to a long lasting hat. The creativity of our artisans give the finishing product a beautiful presentation for the most sophisticated client.

As with any hat that we make in our company, the burlap hats come with their own sweatband and in sizes from 52 cm to 64cm; or size 6 1/2 to size 8.

To help to find your size please follow instructions on the proper tab.

Shipping and handling in Canada is  $20CAD or in USA $35CAD.

The price of Burlap average on a $55CAD. Please hover over the picture below to find the name of the hat as well as the price.  If you wish to see the picture in greater detail, please double click on the picture to make it larger.