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Canvas Hats:

Our Satin canvas hats have an expensive look at an affordable price. With the application of resins the hats are made durable in rain, as well as making the hats very flexible, protecting the hats in such a way as to be able to avoid cracks with the sun and easy to shape without  the necessity to steam it, but if you like you can also steam it to give your proper look.

Our satin canvas hats are also light weight, making them a perfect summer hat. 

Our hat sizes range from 53 cm to 64cm or 5 3/4 to size 8

If you do not know your hat size, the simple way of measuring your head is to use a soft tape measure and circle it around your head a finger above your ear.  Where the tape comes together is your hat size.  If you find that the tape sits in between sizes, you are best to order the next centimetre higher to ensure the fit.

The shipping and handling costs to ship inside of Canada is $20.00 CAD, to ship to USA is $35.00 CAD and international or overseas shipping is determined on a case by case basis.