wear something kool on your head

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Children Hats:

Our children hats are the same as the adults hats in quality and workmanship. The straw is as durable and as shapable as our adult hats. As with the adult hats, the children's hats are water resistant. 

The size 52cm or size 6 1/2  fits most children between the ages of 2 to 5 yrs old. Our ranchero canvas size 52cm is made with a larger base, so it will fit most children of ages 6 to 9 yrs. For older or large children, we recommend that you select from the adult sizes on 52cm and larger.

To ship a hat within Canada, the cost is $20.00 CAD, and wihin the USA is $35.00 CAD.  Overseas or international shipping rates are calculated on a case by case basis.