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Fedoras & Panama Hats:

Our fedoras are made in the most traditional style of fedoras in the market, and our family has been making it since the early 1940's. Our felt fedora is made from a bolivian wool with 240 grams of felt that classifies them as 100X hats, top of the line felt fedoras. Our felt fedoras are not only attractive, but durable as well.

Next you find a Monti Cristi straw panama hat, this hat takes master braiders 30 days to braid the delicate heart of the toquilla straw into the bell to make the hat.  This hat is soft, light and delicate for a very comfortable and luxurious hat to wear.

Adding to this is our Gardeliano hat that is braided by hand, made from toquilla straw and coated in resin to make them excellent in any condition of weather.

Following the straw fedoras, you find the canvas fedoras. These satin canvas fedoras follow our traditional style and is not only very comfortable to wear but their price makes them very affordable.

There is an additional fee for shipping and handling for your hat.  To ship within Canada, the fee is $20.00 CAD.  To ship to the USA, the fee is $35.00.  As for overseas and international shipping, the costs are determined on a case by case basis.

As any of our hats each style came in sizes from the 52cm. to 64cm. o 51/2 to 8.

Measure around your head to determine how many centimeters it's, then find your size in the table of the tub "find your size" e-mail or call us to order your hat.